… I was skeptical…

“When a friend first told me about The Rhema Project I was skeptical. Over the years so many organizations have asked me for donations. In many cases I found that only a small portion of the money really reached the people in need.   That was until I was introduced to The Rhema Project and Esther’s House.  I was asked to directly support this beautiful young lady in her upbringing and education. To provide an opportunity that may change her life forever. I chose Angel. Her smile and enthusiasm was a ray of light from God. The photos, letters and videos I received from Angel warm my heart. Angel, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and please know I will be there for you as you strive for a better life. Believe in yourself and you will achieve your dreams.”


… to be with them in person …

“I can’t begin to describe the way these girls make you feel when you are fortunate enough to be with them in person. They love extravagantly !  The value that is being poured out on them through The Rhema Project is palpable.

I can now name four out of these six girls. Linda, Lincy, Angel and Devi ! I’ll keep working on the rest.  They impact my thoughts daily.

Their lives are better because of the generous donors. They have hope for a much better future then they would have had.

I feel privileged to be a small part of this effort to bring value and life to the girls of India.”  –  Gene Ort

…future is brighter…

“Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.” – Isaiah 1:17 ESV

To know that Sahaya’s future is brighter because of our small monthly donation brings us much joy. She will have an opportunity to reach her potential as one of God’s creations! We are learning to do good, and this partnership with Rhema and Bethel AFC is part of that work God is doing in our hearts.

Sahaya, You are a beautiful young lady, and we pray that you will stay close to God, work hard in school, persevere through life’s trials, and rejoice each day.

God loves you very much, and we do also. – Jim and Jeanne.”

…for these children in India …

“Dear Rhema Project,

Thank you so much for what you are doing for these children in India. Every time I look at the picture of Vennila, it reminds me of the beautiful souls represented in those girls at Bethel. She is only one of the many, yet when I look at her picture I thank God that I have had the privilege to participate in such a great ministry. As I read her letters to our family, I know without a doubt that the education she is receiving is far beyond what she would have ever had the chance to receive otherwise.

Her life is exponentially greater because of The Rhema Project. Thank you for what you are doing for the Kingdom of God in India!!”   Brad, Kim, and Jakin Stewart

…a member of our family …

“We are so happy to have you as a member of our family and consider it a great privilege to help you achieve your goal of getting a college education. We have your picture posted in a prominent place in our home along with our other family members so we see it everyday.

That reminds us to think about you daily and to keep you in our prayers. We pray that God will encourage you and help you with your studies and with the challenges you face in life. I asked Dan (uncle) how you are doing, and he said that you are doing well and we praise God for that. We pray that God will pour out his blessings on you in the coming year as you continue your education.

Twenty years ago, God created you and gave you life. We celebrate your birth and the beautiful young woman you have become. Have a great birthday and enjoy the gifts.” – Les and Velma Rassi

…beaming with pride ..

“Dear Blessi,  We are beaming with pride for all that you have accomplished this year at school. We have received your letter; you are so dedicated to all that you do. How impressive! Keep up the good work. We wish you happiness and joy in your life as this next year brings new adventures and achievements. You are a blessing to us and we are pleased to have you in our lives. Thinking of you.”

Sandra, Chad, and Lauren Bosscher

… blessed to be part of Ratchanya’s life…

“We’ve been so blessed to be part of Ratchanya’s life this year, and were overjoyed we could be instrumental in getting her much needed dental work which resulted in a glorious and beautiful smile. From her letters we know she is loving school and is first in her class. What a joy to know she is well-loved and taken care of at Esther’s House, and that we can be a part of it. 

I (Kanta) have all her little knickknacks she sent in my room and her pictures she sent on that first trip. Proud ‘parents’ indeed. We certainly would love to meet her face to face. God willing, this can happen!” – Carl and Kanta Kahn
Abandoned ..

“I first met Gunaselvi when she was just a baby in the Bethel Baby Home.  She had been abandoned at a very early age because of her disability of being deaf and mute.  However, I quickly learned this did not mean she did not know how to communicate or express her opinion!  Each time I returned to the orphanage, she would be the first one to run up to me and take photos with my iPhone.

A couple of years ago a decision needed to be made about her future.  Bethel did not have the staff to be able to teach Gunaselvi sign language or other coping skills.  Consequently, she was going to be moved to a home for profoundly disabled girls and most likely because of her high skill sets would end up being the caregiver for many of them.  A second option was for her to be enrolled in a deaf school in Vellore, India which was approximately 5 hours away by train.  Gunaselvi is thriving in her new school and a couple of years ago we helped purchase a hearing aid.  This past May, Gunaselvi had returned to Bethel for summer holiday, so it was a joy being able to spend more time with her.”  – Dan
We are investing..

“We recently got to add a specific face to our support of the Rhema Project, in Vimala. We are no longer just making an online donation. We are investing into her precious life. Our simple donation is changing her course and giving her hope for a bright future. It is such an honor to be involved in that. Vimala is a part of our family even though miles separate us. We are able to make an impact in her life not only through our donations but also with prayer and letters. We have three boys who enjoy the updates we receive and getting to watch her grow. She matters to us and we know that we matter to her. We are thankful for this opportunity.”

Michael and Sarah

Hello Girls!
“We want to tell you all how much we enjoy sponsoring you.  It means a great deal to us to see you do well in your studies there in India.  We know life there is not easy, but you try hard to study and care for each other, all the while with a smile on your faces and keep a good attitude!  Caring for and helping one another in life is God’s greatest wish for us. We feel privileged to be helping you along and we welcome all letters from you.  You all give us much joy and encouragement in our lives.
 MAY   GOD   BLESS   YOU.”  Love, Dan and Peg Lafree
Supporting Stella at Esther’s House

“Supporting the lovely Stella Mary has changed us all far more than I think it’s changed Stella. Providing a young girl who was considered too much of a burden for her family to take care of with an opportunity to go to school and have access to basic medical care seems the very, very least we can do.

What she gives us, however, is something far greater and more meaningful — Stella reaches down into our hearts and stirs up our dusty gratitude for things we take far too much for granted. Stella ushers us into a humility that can often only come when you stare poverty directly in the face and, instead of being met with woe, this face returns to you a smile larger than life. As I have said and continue to experience, Stella Mary has changed our lives far more than we have been able to change hers.

She is still in India, not entirely aware yet of how much she will always have to work to claw herself out of the limitations that bind her because she was simply born a girl. Happy 16th Birthday, our dear Stella. We love you and will continue to fight for you.” – The Avery-Williams Family

Sponsoring Reeta

“Sponsoring Reeta is more than an act of obedience. I’m so thankful and grateful for the opportunity to sponsor her and be a part of her development. Helping Reeta fulfill her hearts desire is very humbling. I pray that she continues to lead and grow and develop into all that God has for her.  Without any children of my own, sponsoring Reeta is like watching my own daughter become the woman of God that she is and having the opportunity to learn a skill that she can take with her wherever she goes. I’m so so proud of her and love her dearly!”
Shelly Jackson