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Mission Statement:

The mission of The Rhema Project is to eliminate female gendercide against the girl child in India by supporting and networking through organizations and indigenous groups. Our Theory of Change is to strive to add value to female lives in India through the short-term rescue of unborn, newborn and the Indian girl-child as well as long-term initiatives that include education, health and wellness, trade and micro-development to help Indian women become truly valued by their culture.

The moment first began in a small remote village in South India.  We knew that unless you were the first-born daughter in this village your life was in great jeopardy.  You were not given a name and your life was never celebrated by anyone.  This is what we had learned just a few days earlier.  Walking through the village, we met a young mother holding a newborn baby.  Unsure, we simply asked, “was her child a baby boy or girl?”  We shared we would be honored if she allowed us to name her daughter and the village children choose the name Rhema.  I pulled out a few hundred rupees from my pocket (about $7 USD) and gave it to the mother as a small way to celebrate the life of her daughter.  This small, simple gesture is when a movement was launched that we now call The Rhema Project.

Recent News


Picking up where we left off.. The January 2017 Medical Team Trip : Danishpet The mornings in South India are usually the coolest part of the day.. but cool is a relative term. Many mornings might be started at 80 degrees… with rising temps in the 100 plus range, but not this trip.  We enjoyed […]


Late January 2017 a team of 18 people boarded planes from all over the US, including Hawaii headed to India. The team was made up mostly of people who were medical professionals. They had been invited to “ come and see for yourself “ what is going on over there. All the team slots were […]

The Birthday Party at Esther’s House

  This is true ! All over the world, children love birthdays !   Parents love to celebrate their children’s birthdays.  So…what happens when you dont have parents.. . and you grow up in an orphanage   in southern India… ? Well.. this happens …. each month. The Rhema Project and it’s partners provided a […]

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